Block Management Job Search: Is the Grass Really Greener?

We’ve all heard the proverb ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’. During the summer of 2018, both sides have been as dry as a bone and ‘rain dancing’ has become a common search term on Google.


You might think it is odd for a block management recruiter to encourage property managers to persevere and to make the most of where they are. And that is against a backdrop of a lack of quality candidates searching for new challenges. Let me explain.

When companies are growing fast and there are plenty of candidates looking for work, employers tell us that they need to employ a number of ‘weeding out’ techniques to reduce the number of CVs for shortlisting. One of those is removing candidates who have ‘jumped around’ too often, perhaps showing a lack of resilience – a quality required in spades in block management. These candidates are frequently perpetual job seekers who believe the grass is always greener somewhere else.

At BBL, we work hard to ensure that candidate and company are well matched in the first place, so that there is the best chance of the relationship lasting the test of time. Presumably if the candidate originally chose to work for the organisation in question, there were fundamental reasons for doing so and perhaps those fundamentals have not changed. Most problems can be overcome, whether it’s a perceived lack of career progression, the deserved salary uplift you haven’t yet received, a lack of training, or a deteriorating relationship with your line manager. All of these can be fixed and it may well be worth trying.

We are an excellent sounding board so if you want to have a confidential chat about your concerns, obstacles or options, please do get in touch.

The grass may well be greener on the other side but it may well be worth watering the grass on YOUR side of the fence first. So before you walk, STOP, think and talk to us.


Rhys Townsend
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