Property Professionals Wanted – Rewards Paid!

Refer a friend, colleague or family member today!



How does it work?

Full-time Employment

As part of our commitment to servicing the demand for Property Professionals nationally, we offer an incentive scheme whereby we pay £500 for each and every candidate you refer; who we go on to place in full-time employment.

The scheme has no limit (i.e. you can refer as many as you like and we will pay you £500 for each and every one we place, however long it takes) and the vouchers or gift cards are sent straight to your nominated address / email the moment the person/s you refer passes probation.


Our incentive for the self-employed follows the same terms as above but with £100 for each and every eligible consultant referred; who completes a minimum term of 45 days with an individual client.


On this basis, if you are aware of any friends, colleagues or family members seeking (or about to seek) full-time employment or are running a valid consultancy within the residential sector, why not refer them to us so that we may reward you for assisting them in their search?

Have someone in mind?

For further details on the scheme or to refer someone under it, please contact any of the team directly by hitting the button on the right and sending us a message.